King of Wands
Eight of Disks
Four of Cups
The Chariot
The Queen of Swords
Four of Wands
Nine of Swords
Eight of Swords

At the insistence of his guide OSHOLON, world-renowned artist, writer, mystic, medium, and spiritual teacher Steve Speer has broken his magical retirement of 20 years to bring to the world a tool for the META AEON, the CoronaTarot.

Through the intense spiritual alembic that was the great self-quarantine, spirit moved the hand of the artist to manifest, with the invaluable assistance of occultist Ami Lahoff and pantheist Lena Strayhorn, the 78 cards of the CoronaTarot deck.

From the wet markets of Wuhan to your magical altar, the CoronaTarot is an encapsulation of the zeitgeist, channeled to offer guidance and  consolation through this wondrous and bizarre period of transition. The CoronaTarot deck is a unique and powerful oracular device for navigating the META AEON.